Are you a new aquarist? Are you finding it difficult to keep track of all the things you have to do to maintain a good, healthy tank?

In that case, our Aquarium Maintenance Log is the solution to all of your fishkeeping problems. This logbook contains everything you need to do to set up and maintain a thriving tank!

Aquarium maintenance log

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The Aquarium Maintenance Log includes the following:

  1. Maintenance checklist. Keep your tank in tip-top shape with our daily, weekly, monthly, and periodic tasks checklist.
  2. Aquarium daily feeding log. Take detailed notes of what you feed your fish with this daily feeding log. Track diets, amounts, supplements, feeding times, and more!
  3. Aquarium maintenance log. For the detail-oriented aquarist who doesn’t let anything escape them, this page details the nuts and bolts of what makes up your tank system.
  4. Quarantine log. Ensure that your quarantined pets are getting the kind of monitoring they need to stay healthy. Record admission dates, medication, parameters, and more.
  5. Pet tracker. Never miss a detail with this comprehensive pet tracker.
  6. Equipment list. In case of maintenance, parts replacement, or calibration needs, this helps you remember every detail about the hardware you’re using to keep your tank thriving.
  7. Aquarium profile. Know your aquariums inside out! Keep track of your entire system with our comprehensive aquarium profile list.
  8. Plant inventory. Aquascaping has never been easier. Make maintenance, replanting, and harvesting easier by keeping track of all your plants.
  9. Notes page. Jot down thoughts to your heart’s content.
  10. Future plans page. Your future plans depend on how organized you are! Keep track of all your goals for your various tanks on our limitless future plans page.

Document specifications:

  • Letter-sized (8.5” by 11”)


Disclaimer: colors may vary based on printer quality.

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How to use

  1. Check the given PDF file sent directly to your email after purchasing.
  2. Customize the designs as necessary.
  3. Print and bind individual papers.
  4. Create an unlimited number of aquarium logs.

Need to know

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  • You may not share or upload our original files online.
  • Commercial use without attribution is not allowed.

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The in-depth aquarium maintenance log will take the headache out of keeping track of everything needed to maintain a thriving fish tank.

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